Aerial Imagery with CropView

With CropView by Servi-Tech, you’ll work with your Servi-Tech crop specialist to utilize aerial imagery to look for costly problems in your field while there’s still time to fix them — and not discover the problem during harvest when it’s too late.

Crop Budgeting

Combine Servi-Tech’s exclusive Return on Investment (ROI) tool with guidance from our expert agronomists and you’ll gain the upper hand in knowing your production costs and related variables, which are key to good decision-making and the overall success of your farm.

Farm Equipment Calibration

GPS and precision ag means field computers, planter controls, sprayer controls, monitors and more. Servi-Tech and our highly trained crop consultants are here to help calibrate all this farm equipment and technology to make sure it’s set properly for your fields, operating as intended and having the maximum benefit for your operation. 

Irrigation Scheduling

Irrigation scheduling and water management make a big difference on your bottom line. Servi-Tech’s expert agronomists are here to help make sure you apply the water you need to maximize growth and yield, without over applying and increasing operating costs.

Limited Season Crop Consulting

Servi-Tech offers a limited field check service that provides independent advice and recommendations from a Servi-Tech agronomist at five key times during the growing season.

Managing Plant Diseases

Insight and support from your Servi-Tech agronomist means you’ll be ready to manage plant diseases that may crop up anytime from planting into harvest.

Pest Management

Servi-Tech’s expert agronomists are a tremendous resource when looking to manage pests in your fields. Your crop specialist is able to assess your pest problem and give independent, unbiased advice on treatment options and methods, plus help you decide if treatment make economic sense for your operation. 

Soil Fertility Planning

Servi-Tech’s soil fertility planning service allows our unbiased, independent agronomists to make sure soil fertility and your nutrient management plan is not limiting plant growth and yield potential in your fields. 

Soil Sampling by Servi-Tech

Soil sampling by your Servi-Tech agronomist is a great way to get the insight you need to build a sound soil fertility plan that maximizes your investment in fertilizer and other crop inputs.