ServiTech offers a limited field check service that provides independent advice and recommendations from a ServiTech agronomist at five key times during the growing season. This is a great way to have a second set of eyes on your fields — and on the data you already collect, from in-field sensors and imagery to information provided by ag retailers and other partners in your fields.

This service complements what you’re already doing and helps keep you grounded to what’s really going on in your fields. With the additional insight from a ServiTech agronomist, you’ll make sound decisions and maximize investments during the growing season. 

This five-check program begins in mid-May, depending on your location, and includes sound recommendations after each visit for each field contracted.  

Your independent ServiTech agronomist will look at stand counts and establishment. This is also a good time for weed identification and herbicide recommendations, plus an assessment and recommendation relating to potential insect problems like cutworm.

Late May
We’ll perform a follow-up weed assessment and make recommendations for any insect concerns and other problems. This is also a great time to take an overall look at early plant health and provide the right advice to help your crop get a strong start.

Early June
As heat and humidity increase this time of year, so does the chance for diseases in your fields. With the reproductive phase just around the corner, it's important to protect your crop, which is critical to maximizing yield potential. Your ServiTech agronomist will check for diseases, identify pests and make sure you have the right information to make the best decisions for your operation.

Early August
Your ServiTech agronomist will give a close look at early seed set, check the effectiveness of any treatments applied prior to reproduction and inspect for any new insect, disease or nutrient issues. In essence, we want to make sure everything is on track for good yields, and help you ensure it stays that way.

Early September
This is the final check your agronomist will make for the year. We’ll perform a final crop health check, as well as examine seed fill, uniformity in maturity and complete a yield check. 

Through all five field checks, know that ServiTech is an independent voice, so you can be assured our recommendations are what’s best for your fields and situation.

If you’d like independent, weekly in-season field checks and additional support from a ServiTech agronomist, be sure to check out our Full Season Crop Consulting Service

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