What does “Making the Planet More Productive” mean?

Since 1975, ServiTech, Inc. has relied on the most current technologies, research and science to make productive and profitable recommendations for thousands of growers on millions of acres. Three ServiTech laboratory facilities complement industry agronomic services to measure fertility, tailor field inputs and increase yields.

As the global population increases, the need for more efficient food production systems also grows. ServiTech actively pursues new technologies to ensure that our recommendations and services are making farming operations more productive, more efficient and more sustainable.


What we provide:

Laboratory Services

ServiTech quickly delivers accurate results and quality customer service with our state-of-the art laboratories operated by qualified and expertly trained personnel.

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ServiTech Bridge

ServiTech Bridge™ Field Intelligence is a subscription service using in-field sensors and analytics that gives you vital information about your field conditions. Available features include soil moisture management, rainfall measurement, pivot status, well & bin status, ambient weather conditions, growth and weather modeling, and calibrated field imagery.

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Crop Consulting Services

When you choose ServiTech, you get access to our 80 agronomists who have hundreds of combined years of experience to overcome issues facing agriculture today.

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History of Servi-Tech

  • Servi-Tech, Inc. Headquarters 1975


    Servi-Tech, Inc. founded on June 10, 1975 after three farmer-owned cooperatives in southwest Kansas decided that area producers needed access to cutting-edge technical information. The company began with 100,000 acres under contract.

  • Servi-Tech, Inc. 1977


    As demand for Servi-Tech’s services began to grow, the demand for faster soil results increased as well. After Servi-Tech leadership noticing the increasing need for laboratory results with a quicker turnaround than the university labs were able to provide, Servi-Tech expanded and created Servi-Tech Laboratories in 1977.

  • Servi-Tech Begins Crop Consulting


    Servi-Tech's continued success in southwest Kansas saw the company pushing northward into the northeast corner of Colorado. In the 1981 growing season, Servi-Tech began offering crop consulting services to eastern Colorado.

  • Servi-Tech expands into Nebraska in 1982


    The demand for Servi-Tech's expertise continues to grow in western Kansas and eastern Colorado. Servi-Tech leadership saw massive potential in Nebraska, so in 1982 a dedicated group of agronomists moved into Nebraska and began promoting Servi-Tech. Nebraska is now one of our largest crop service territories.

  • Servi-Tech laboratories expands and opens a second location


    With active agronomists in three different states, Servi-Tech’s Dodge City Laboratory location needed more capacity to keep up with the sample volume. As the laboratories began testing multiple types of agricultural samples, the labs expanded, opening our second location in Hastings, Nebraska.

  • Servi-Tech Laboratories - Dodge City


    Further growth required expansion of the Dodge City laboratory in 1990.

  • Servi-Tech Headquarters and Laboratory - Dodge City


    Servi-Tech continued to grow steadily.  In 1996, the Dodge City Laboratory was expanded once again.  This time with a major addition and complete renovation to improve capacity and efficiency of the lab.

  • Servi-Tech expands into Iowa


    Over the next two decades, Servi-Tech grew to be the largest agronomic firm and agricultural laboratory in the United States. Servi-Tech noticed a demand for highly trained independent agronomists in Iowa. In 2000, Servi-Tech launched its Iowa division, opening up new business opportunities in the Corn Belt.

  • Servi-Tech laboratories expands to Amarillo, Texas


    As Servi-Tech’s crop consulting division grew, so too did laboratory business. In order to sample volume and offer testing to the numerous cattle feeding operations in the Texas Panhandle, Servi-Tech Laboratories opened its third lab in Amarillo, Texas.

  • Servi-Tech launches STEPS


    Precision Agriculture becomes the term of the decade, as more and more producers start to aggressively track exactly what’s happening out in their field. Over the previous decade, technology in agriculture had been growing at breakneck speed. In order to help growers reconcile all the incoming data, keep up the new technology, and prepare them increased regulation, Servi-Tech launches Servi-Tech Expanded Premium Services, LLC – or, STEPS. STEPS focuses on the exploration, development, and field testing of cutting-edge technology in the agricultural sector.

  • Servi-Tech refocus on purpose


    Servi-Tech changes its official purpose to “Making the Planet More Productive.” Servi-Tech actively pursues new technologies to ensure that our recommendations and services are making farming operations more productive, more efficient and more sustainable.

  • Servi-Tech celebrates 40 years


    Servi-Tech celebrates its 40th anniversary of Making the Planet More Productive with laboratories that process over 250,000 soil samples a year and almost 1 million acres under contract.