With three state-of-the art facilities, ServiTech Laboratories focuses on accurate results, rapid turnaround time and quality customer service. Our labs and expertly trained personnel provide a multitude of services and analysis options, including the ability for you to create custom test packages.
ServiTech Laboratories are located in the heart of the Great Plains: Dodge City, Kansas; Hastings, Nebraska; and Amarillo, Texas. We offer testing services for: 

ServiTech professionals understand that our analytical results help you to make important decisions that affect your business and bottom line. That’s why we consider every sample and result an important part of your total management process. And since time is critical, we offer a variety of options for prompt delivery of those results.

Soil Testing

Profitable fertilizer recommendations require accurate soil testing. At ServiTech Laboratories, our goal is to help producers raise crops as efficiently and profitably as possible. If one of the packages below doesn’t fit your needs, please call the laboratory. We’d be happy to customize a package for your operation.

Feed and Forage Testing

The nutritional value of feedstuffs varies greatly. Feed analysis by ServiTech helps you properly balance rations, assess the need for supplements, establish market value or monitor process control — all critical steps for efficient and profitable livestock management.

Water Testing

Private water wells should be tested annually for drinking water suitability. Contaminates, such as nitrate and bacteria, can pose a health risk for you and your family. Ensure that your drinking water is safe by submitting your water sample to ServiTech today.

Plant Tissue Testing

Plant tissue analysis is a tool to diagnose growth problems in crops. Comparing analytical results from “good” and “bad” areas of a field, makes it easier to determine growth problems related to soil fertility. Petiole analysis is used to monitor fertility levels in crops such as potatoes and cotton.

Fertilizer, Lime and Gypsum Testing

Fertilizer analysis by ServiTech verifies the nutrient content of dry and liquid fertilizers. Our lime and gypsum quality analysis identifies the potential effectiveness of these products as soil amendments.

Manure and Compost Testing

Manure is a valuable source of nutrients. It is important to know the quantity of fertilizer nutrients to determine application rates and value. Measuring the moisture content of manure enables you to avoid paying shipping costs on excess water.

Wastewater Testing

Regulatory compliance requirements are placing increasing demands on businesses that discharge wastewater. Laboratory analysis is a common component of these requirements and ServiTech Laboratories can help. Certification of wastewater provides the quality results and defensible data needed to meet those regulatory requirements. Call ServiTech...

Environmental Solids Testing

Environmental liability is a new concern for purchasers of real estate or commercial property. It is becoming an additional requirement for many property transactions and needs to be included early in the schedule for property purchases. If your business or facility discharges wastewater, sludge or solids, you likely face a number of regulatory...