Soil sampling by your ServiTech agronomist is a great way to get the insight you need to build a sound soil fertility plan that maximizes your investment in fertilizer and other crop inputs.

Precision matters here, and ServiTech believes the best technology and the right tools make a difference. That’s why our crop specialists follow precise procedures for everything from soil depth to GPS-flagged locations to proper care of the soil sample.

They understand the local geography and soil types, and know the questions to ask to gain an understanding of your goals. 

This means you’ll get the results you need to identify where in your fields soil nutrients are limiting plant growth and yield potential. You’ll then be able to work with your ServiTech agronomist to craft a customized soil fertility plan that allows you to place the right amount of fertilizer and other crop nutrients in the right place in your fields.

Soil sampling is a tremendous way to increase fertilizer use efficiency, especially if you utilize precision agriculture and variable rate application (VRA). 

Soil Testing Recommendations

For the soil testing itself, we generally recommend 2.5-acre grids, but do adjust based on your farm and situation, including zone sampling based on available data layers for a specific field. 

The goal is to create a detailed map of your field’s soil nutrient status, and the more precise, the better. This is especially true if you utilize variable rate application (VRA) of fertilizer and other crop inputs.

In most situations we recommend a test package that includes a look at potential yield limiting nutrients and soil pH. This allows you to work with your ServiTech agronomist to craft a customized soil fertility plan to build up areas that are deficient in nutrients while maximizing your fertilizer dollars and yields.

You can have complete confidence in the soil test results, as samples are sent to one of three state-of-the-art ServiTech Laboratories — Dodge City, Kansas; Hastings, Nebraska; or Amarillo, Texas. 

When to Sample 

Soil sampling by ServiTech can be completed anytime, provided the ground isn’t frozen. That said, spring is a great time if significant nitrogen carryover is expected, and many famers like to know the status in the fall because it gives you more time to plan and price any necessary fertilizer applications. 

No matter which time of year you prefer, it’s important to be consistent and collect soil samples at the same time in each field each year. This consistency allows you to add necessary nutrients for your crop each year, build up nutrient-deficient areas within a field and receive a more accurate picture of changes in fertility levels year after year. 

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