GPS and precision ag means field computers, planter controls, sprayer controls, monitors and more. ServiTech and our highly trained crop consultants are here to help calibrate all this farm equipment and technology to make sure it’s set properly for your fields, operating as intended and having the maximum benefit for your operation. 

Our agronomists are always learning and staying on the leading edge of technology from a multitude of brands so they are ready to calibrate your:

  • Planters,
  • Sprayers,
  • Dry insecticide boxes, 
  • Yield monitors, and
  • Other equipment and pieces of technology.

Proper calibration of your planting equipment ensures even planting depth and uniform seed distribution, which are important to maximize yield potential and profits come harvest. We also assess soil conditions when setting planting depth, as dry or wet soils and soil temperature influence optimal depth for establishing a good stand. 

For other equipment, from dry boxes to sprayers, proper calibration by a ServiTech crop specialist means crop inputs like fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides are applied at the proper rate. This helps prevent over application in your fields — and overspending on expensive crop inputs — or under applying and limiting an input’s effectiveness and your crop’s upside potential.

Downloading  Data

Calibrating your equipment and technology are great ways to maximize the efficiency and profit potential of your farm. Yet all that technology generates and relies on a mountain of data.

We know pulling this data out of field computers and control systems creates additional work that may get in the way of other tasks you have at hand. ServiTech’s agronomists can take care of this for you, and manage the downloading, processing and, if necessary, printing of all this information that’s critical to the decision-making process for next year’s crop. 

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