Combine ServiTech’s exclusive Return on Investment (ROI) tool with guidance from our expert agronomists and you’ll gain the upper hand in knowing your production costs and related variables, which are key to good decision-making and the overall success of your farm.

Maybe you want to know if you can spend less on seed while maintaining yields — and the best ways to spend fertility dollars more efficiently. We’ll work through all those questions and more — including details on which crop protection products deliver the highest ROI on your fields.

As part of our crop budgeting program, ServiTech crop specialists look at your:

  • Fertilizer costs,
  • Chemical costs,
  • Seed inputs,
  • Other costs, and
  • Real data from your farm.

We take that information and create a robust, customized plan for the coming production year to maximize your return on investment. And since ServiTech and our agronomists offer an independent voice, you can be sure the plan focuses solely on your operation and your goals.

To take your customized plan to the next level, ServiTech uses yield maps from your farm to evaluate as-applied fertilizer rates, chemicals, seed choice and seeding rates. Our agronomists then combine that insight with your farm’s crop budgeting plan to create input prescriptions on a field-by-field basis. It’s a great way to ensure you’re making the right investment on the right acre.

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