Insight and support from your ServiTech agronomist means you’ll be ready to manage plant diseases that may crop up anytime from planting into harvest.

With plant diseases spreading from country-to-country and region-to-region, and varying annually due to changes in weather patterns, it’s important to stay on top of diagnosis and treatment methods. That’s why having a ServiTech crop specialist on hand is so beneficial. 

It’s possible to catch and manage plant diseases early on in your fields — and even eliminate the problem before it reaches a point to rob you of yields and income.  In analyzing the problem and treatment options, your agronomist will take into consideration everything from yield drag to the cost of treatment — and the cost of not treating the disease. 

Sometimes the best dollars and cents choice is to monitor closely and not apply a treatment. But should a fungicide or other product make sense for your field and yield goals, your ServiTech crop specialist will recommend the best product to get the job done, and help you understand how and when to apply. 

We’re also able to help you choose seed varieties that may lower the risk of some plant diseases, and make recommendations to lower your disease risk the following year. 

Since ServiTech offers an independent voice, you can be assured your agronomist’s recommendation is what is best for your field and your situation — and is not tied to any brand of fungicide, seed variety or or other crop input. Our goal is simply to help you make the best decisions to maximize your productivity and profit.

Plant disease management is just one facet of maintaining a field full of healthy plants.  Our agronomists are here to help with everything from soil fertility to pest management to ensure productive soil and healthy crops so your plants reach their maximum yield potential year after year. 

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