Grid sampling from ServiTech is a tremendous first step in maximizing soil fertility, yields and, ultimately, profits for your farm. 

Grid sampling clearly identifies variability in soil nutrients across a field. Your ServiTech agronomist uses that information to build a plan to apply the right amounts of fertilizer and crop nutrients in the right place. 

We typically recommend a 2.5-acre grid, and ensure quality sampling by having your ServiTech agronomists gather the samples using GPS-flagged locations and precise sampling procedures. Our agronomists understand the importance of quality collection procedures because they understand how to read a soil analysis — and they know the impact of test results on your fertility program and, ultimately, profitability.  

Knowing the importance of maintaining the quality sampling method, all samples are sent to ServiTech Laboratories so you can trust the results.

And since ServiTech agronomists offer independent advice, you can be assured that our recommendations for everything from fertilizer application rates to micronutrient applications are what’s best for your field and situation—and are not tied to any brand of fertilizer or other crop input.
After a thorough analysis, your ServiTech crop specialist will discuss with you the status of nutrients in your soil required for plant growth. We’ll then cover the best way to address any deficiencies in primary, secondary or micronutrients based on the needs of the growing crop.

  • Primary nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium
  • Secondary nutrients: calcium, magnesium, sulfur
  • Micronutrients: boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, nickel

We’ll also discuss soil pH and liming, and if you have livestock or access to manure, we’ll cover the best ways to manage those valuable assets.

Our main goal with grid sampling is to have your ServiTech crop specialist create a recommendation that uses applied fertilizer in the most efficient way possible. This means soil in some parts of your field may not need fertilizer, and we’ll help you avoid over applying in those areas. Yet other other parts of your field may see a yield response if the fertilizer application rate was increased.

This natural variability in a field usually results in about the same pounds of product being applied as a whole, but applied in a way that better maximizes yield and your fertilizer investment.  It’s precision agriculture in action!

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