The technology available to you and your ServiTech crop specialist today is simply astounding. The ability to put the right seed on the right acre at the right rate through variable rate seeding is one of best ways to begin the crop year with the most yield potential. 

While variable rate seeding and prescription planting are more common today than ever, they require careful planning, good data analysis and a sound plan to be successful.

Your ServiTech agronomist is here to help — and we know there’s no one right way to create planting prescriptions. The historical and types of data available can vary from farm to farm and even field to field, and we’re able to make sense of the data and build zones to optimize planting each field.

Of course we’ll also take into consideration soil type, irrigation opportunities, slope, drainage, tillage practices, the previous crop, soil water holding capacity, row spacing and the seed/hybrid chosen for each field, as all have an impact on your planting prescription. 

And because ServiTech offers an independent voice, you can be assured your agronomist’s insight and advice into seed selection and seeding rate are what’s best for your field and your situation — and is not tied to any particular brand or hybrid trait package. Our goal is simply to help you make the best decisions to maximize your productivity and profit.

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