Irrigation scheduling and water management make a big difference on your bottom line. ServiTech’s expert agronomists are here to help make sure you apply the water you need to maximize growth and yield, without over applying and increasing operating costs.

Our crop specialists work hand-in-hand with you to regularly determine soil conditions throughout the root zone during the growing season.

We combine that hands-on insight with all the data available, through local evapotranspiration (ET) readings and soil moisture sensors. This gives your ServiTech agronomist additional details to determine the most productive irrigation schedule possible so you apply the right amount of water in the right location.

Gaining Efficiencies

While shorting a crop of water can happen, in many cases, the opposite is true. Research in Nebraska shows that proper irrigation scheduling provides an average of 35 percent savings in water and energy. In fuel costs alone, this is a per-season savings of about 550 kwh per acre for a center pivot or about 200 kwh per acre for a gated pipe.

Your ServiTech crop specialist is an independent resource who’ll bring data and expertise to the table to ensure you hit the right balance between maximizing yield and managing water and operation costs.

Step up: TheProfiler

If you want to take your water management program to the next level, amplify ServiTech’s irrigation scheduling services by installing a soil moisture monitoring system such as TheProfiler.

TheProfiler is the industry’s leading soil moisture monitoring system that gives you and your ServiTech agronomist a near instant look at into how weather, rainfall and irrigation are impacting soil moisture where it matters most. It helps make data-driven irrigation decisions on the fly throughout the growing season.

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