Your equipment and in-cab technology generate mountains of valuable data. ServiTech’s Farm Data Management program helps you collect, organize and store that data so you and your ServiTech agronomist can access and analyze it anytime.

This means you’ll have data for everything from product applications to planting to harvest in one secure location, which ultimately helps you and your ServiTech crop specialist be more efficient. Organized data speeds the process of generating multi-layered reports that make it easier to understand the data — and help you make better decisions for your farm year after year.  

Organized and accessible data also helps you and your agronomist build planting prescriptions that work for you and account for the differences in each of your fields. 

Farm Data Management by ServiTech is a great way to take advantage of the investment you’ve already made in equipment by utilizing to the fullest extent possible the data it collects. 

No one has the same piece of ground or farms exactly like you, but all this data is essentially real research on your own farm! Let us help you mine that data to find opportunities to maximize your profit and yield goals. 

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