ServiTech Web User Acct Setup
Ask a Lab Specialist6-18-20

"View My Results" feature on the Servitech Labs website is a helpful tool you will want to use.  Set up a web user account to begin.   

FeedStuff History Tool
Ask a Lab Specialist6-2-20

The feedstuffs may change, but the nutrient value of what you are feeding your livestock doesn’t have to. Check out the ServiTech FeedStuff History…

ServiTech is OPEN for business - Response to COVID-19
Press Release3-26-20

ServiTech will remain open for the foreseeable future, as agriculture is included as one of the 16 essential businesses in the U.S., according to the…

Radio ServiTech - October 18, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech10-18-19

On this episode of Radio ServiTech, hear about our new 360° Agronomy program.  You can…

Radio ServiTech - October 11, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech10-11-19

On this episode of Radio ServiTech, listen to Greg Ruehle, ServiTech's President & CEO, as he discusses National Co-op Month. Did you know that…

Radio ServiTech - September 20, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech9-20-19

On this week's Radio ServiTech, listen to President & CEO Greg Ruehle, as he discusses the agriculture economy.

Radio ServiTech - September 13, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech9-13-19

Learn more about our 360° Agronomy Service on our latest episode of Radio ServiTech!

Radio Servitech - August 26, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech8-26-19

Planting data, sprayer data, harvest data. What happens to the data you collect on your farm? Listen to ServiTech's Seth Lade to find out!

Radio ServiTech - August 16, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech8-16-19

On this episode of Radio ServiTech, hear Rhonda Kupke discuss ServiTech's different services, from crop consulting to lab testing to our technology…

Radio ServiTech - August 9, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech8-9-19

On this episode of Radio ServiTech, listen to Ben Tipton, our Southwest Kansas Crop Service Manager, discuss current crop conditions with Ken…

Radio ServiTech - August 2, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech8-2-19

On this episode of Radio ServiTech, hear Robin Cox, our Key Feed Accounts Specialist, discuss The High Plains Journal's Cattle U vent, which was in…

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