Radio ServiTech - April 19, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech4-19-19

We launched a new product this week! Learn more about the ServiTech Bridge™ Field Intelligence Platform on our podcast this week

Radio ServiTech - April 12, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech4-12-19

"Certainly Mother Nature has thrown some curves at us." Listen to this week's podcast to learn how the weather is impacting area farmers.

Radio ServiTech - April 5, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech4-5-19

ServiTech Bridge™ Field Intelligence is a subscription service using in-field sensors and analytics that gives you vital information about your…

Radio ServiTech - March 29, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech3-29-19

A group of Kansas business leaders, along with city and county officials, traveled to Washington D.C. this week to discuss rural infrastructure,…

Radio ServiTech - March 15, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech3-15-19

"We're always looking to do something better, more forward-thinking, to look at different offerings we can provide to nutritionists and those folks…

Radio Servi-Tech - March 8, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech3-8-19

On this week's episode of Radio Servi-Tech, listen to Servi-Tech's Austin Bontrager as he discusses changes in the ServiTech Bridge Field™…

Radio Servi-Tech - March 1, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech3-1-19

On this week's episode of Radio Servi-Tech, Servi-Tech President & CEO Greg Ruehle discusses the upcoming spring planting season.

Radio Servi-Tech - February 22, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech2-22-19

On this week's episode of Radio Servi-Tech, listen to Southwest Territory Manager Ben Tipton discuss the importance of soil testing and getting…

Radio Servi-Tech - February 15, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech2-15-19

On this episode of Radio Servi-Tech, listen to Servi-Tech President & CEO Greg Ruehle discuss spring planning and soil sampling.

Radio Servi-Tech - February 8, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech2-8-19

"The more you know, the more power you have to make wise decisions."  On this week's episode of Radio Servi-Tech, hear Robin Cox, our Key Feed…

Radio Servi-Tech - February 1, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech2-1-19

The data you glean from your farm can be hard to read and interpret. Listen to Radio Servi-Tech this week to learn more about a new product, a new…

Radio Servi-Tech - January 25, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech1-25-19

On this episode of Radio Servi-Tech, Greg Ruehle, our President & CEO, discusses Servi-Tech Bridge, our latest technology offering. 

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