AgPro Podcast: Helping Growers Use Inputs Efficiently

"When the grower is successful we are, too." Listen to Ryan Meister, Director of Servi-Tech Expanded Premium Services, on the AgPro Podcast here:…

Servi-Tech forms partnership in market sustainability program

  As the world’s population continues to grow, sustainability within the agriculture sector is constantly being investigated.  The Nebraska…

Building Bridges

  Servi-Tech recently hosted guests from Ukraine on a week-long visit to western Kansas. Fred Vocasek of Servi-Tech was the tour guide and driver…

Kelly Popp earns 400,000 acre award

Kelly Popp has consulted on 400,000 acres in his career at Servi-Tech. He recently earned an award to mark that achievement. Popp started working…

Craig Cunningham named Servi-Tech's new Chief Technology Officer

Servi-Tech is excited to announce the hiring of Craig Cunningham of Amarillo as Chief Technology Officer. Cunningham started his new position in…

Rhonda Kupke joins sales team

Rhonda Kupke grew up in southwest Iowa on a grain and livestock operation. Now, she’ll be using her agriculture roots as she transitions into a new…

Kirk Rice earns 500,000-acre award

  Kirk Rice of Weskan earned a 500,000 acres award at Servi-Tech’s annual Professional Development Conference in Kearney earlier this month. He is…

Rick Runyan earns award

KEARNEY, Neb. – Rick Runyan of Clay Center earned a 35-year service award at Servi-Tech’s annual Professional Development Conference in Kearney.…

Why is 'density' the new buzzword in precision ag?

  When it comes to the return-on-investment for precision technologies, “where” can be as important as “what!” If you have been talking with anyone…

Josh Gordon earns award

KEARNEY, Neb. – Josh Gordon of Garden City earned the New Employee of the Year award at Servi-Tech’s annual Professional Development Conference in…

Grower meetings

Agronomists at Servi-Tech are having a series of grower meetings near you. Here are the meeting dates: Ryan Hassebrook: Tuesday, January 30 in…

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