Field Imagery

ServiTech Bridge Field Imagery is a multi-spectral field imagery subscription delivering weekly images to your mobile device or desktop.
It comes complimentary with any in-field sensor subscription or available as a separate low-cost standalone service on any field.

Features & Benefits

Growth & Weather Modeling

ServiTech Bridge is built on premium growth and weather modeling that provides accurate growth stages, ET calculations, water use and requirements for your crops and soil types. Coupled with field imagery and in-field sensors you get accurate Field Intelligence to make crucial decisions.


Pivot Status

ServiTech Bridge Pivot Status is a telemetry subscription service that monitors and relays the status of a pivot every 15 minutes to the ServiTech Bridge on your mobile device or desktop.

Features & Benefits

Rainfall Measurement

ServiTech Bridge Rainfall Measurement uses a wireless tipping rain gauge that measures and reports rainfall data in real-time to your mobile device or desktop.

Features & Benefits

Soil Moisture Monitoring

ServiTech Bridge Soil Moisture Management measures uses  capacitance or Watermark sensors to measure and monitor soil moisture at multiple depths

Features & Benefits