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Soil Moisture Monitoring

Anyone can put a probe in your field and show you a graph, but graphs are confusing and take time to interpret. Your irrigation decisions need to take into account more than just current soil moisture. Other irrigation management tools require a lot of your time logging growth stages, rainfall events, or constantly adjusting calibration settings.

Rainfall Measurement

ServiTech Bridge Rainfall Measurement uses a wireless tipping rain gauge that measures and reports rainfall data in real-time to your mobile device or desktop.

Features & Benefits

  • Wireless tipping-style rain gauge — no gauges to empty
  • Measures and reports rainfall data in real-time
  • Tracks daily rainfall for entire year
  • Delivered to

ServiTech Growth Calculator

Still guesstimating GDUs?

ServiTech Growth Calculator provides YOU with the important crop information and analytics to make important yield saving decisions.

It delivers accumulated GDUs, historical, current, & predictive ET, calibrated satellite imagery, and NDVI difference & anomaly detection.

  • Accumulated GDUs
  • Historical

Pivot Status

ServiTech Bridge Pivot Status is a telemetry subscription service that monitors and relays the status of a pivot every 15 minutes to the ServiTech Bridge on your mobile device or desktop.

Features & Benefits

  • Pivot location, direction, and on/off status
  • Verification that the pivot is moving or stopped
  • Delivered to browser, tablet, and

Weather Station

ServiTech Bridge Weather Station measures current ambient weather conditions at the field edge or at your farmstead using wireless sensors delivering the information to your mobile device or desktop. 

Features & Benefits

  • Wind speed & direction
  • Ambient air temperature & relative humidity
  • Solar radiation & barometric pressure
  • Real-time

Field Imagery

ServiTech Bridge Field Imagery is a multi-spectral field imagery subscription delivering weekly images to your mobile device or desktop.
It comes complimentary with any in-field sensor subscription or available as a separate low-cost standalone service on any field.

Features & Benefits

  • Weekly images throughout the growing season
  • Historical