Why is 'density' the new buzzword in precision ag?

  When it comes to the return-on-investment for precision technologies, “where” can be as important as “what!” If you have been talking with anyone…

President and CEO Greg Ruehle Talks About the Prep Work Needed for Growers
Radio Servi-Tech2-2-18

Listen to President and CEO Greg Ruehle talk about final inputs and implementing the data to make rounded decisions. 

Josh Gordon earns award

KEARNEY, Neb. – Josh Gordon of Garden City earned the New Employee of the Year award at Servi-Tech’s annual Professional Development Conference in…

CEO Greg Ruehle talks about the importance of soil health
Radio Servi-Tech1-26-18

Greg Ruehle, President & CEO of Servi-Tech, talks about the importance of soil health on this week's episode of Radio Servi-Tech.   

Grower meetings

Agronomists at Servi-Tech are having a series of grower meetings near you. Here are the meeting dates: Ryan Hassebrook: Tuesday, January 30 in…

Currently hiring

We're hiring! Come join our team. servitech.com/careers 

The Cover Crop - Winter issue
The Cover Crop1-25-18

  Our winter version of The Cover Crop can be found here. In this issue…

CEO Greg Ruehle Announces New CTO of STEPS
Radio Servi-Tech1-12-18

CEO Greg Ruehle announces the new Chief Technology Officer of Servi-Tech Expanded Premium Services.  

CEO Greg Ruehle Talks About Educational Meetings With Growers and Staff
Radio Servi-Tech1-4-18

CEO Greg Ruehle talks about educational meetings for both growers, as well as our own agronomists.

CEO Greg Ruehle Talks About Covering Bases
Radio Servi-Tech1-2-18

CEO & President Greg Ruehle talks about covering bases to bring a wheat crop to fruition, as well as feed concentrations.  

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