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Servi-Tech is excited to name Shane Moore as the new Technical Operations Manager for Servi-Tech, a new position that was created to streamline operations within the lab locations.  

Moore will be working out of Dodge City, but his position will oversee all three laboratories, with a focus on updating the quality system for non-environmental testing. Servi-Tech also operates labs in Hastings, Nebraska, and Amarillo, Texas.

“My goal is to bring the laboratories in sync with their quality processes, SOP’s and other processes that indirectly affect quality,” Moore said.

He added that as Servi-Tech moves forward, there is an opportunity for the labs to grow.

“There is the opportunity to become ISO 17025 certified, as well, which our environmental NELAC accreditation is based. ISO 17025 is the international standard for laboratory testing and is recognized as a symbol of rigor and quality worldwide,” Moore said. “That could help secure business with larger companies that trade globally.”

Moore previously worked at Servi-Tech for 19 years, starting as a chemist. He later helped to open a laboratory in Amarillo, Texas, and worked as the Technical Director/QA Officer. His wife, Roxann, has worked in customer service for Servi-Tech since 2009.

Randy Royle, Servi-Tech’s Chief Laboratory Officer, said the company is excited to have Shane back in the new role.

“We are very fortunate to have Shane come back to work with our organization. His experience with our group will accelerate the progress toward meeting these quality goals,” Royle said.