ServiTech will remain open for the foreseeable future, as agriculture is included as one of the 16
essential businesses in the U.S., according to the Department of Homeland Security.
All ServiTech locations, including labs in Dodge City, Kansas; Hastings, Nebraska; and
Amarillo, Texas; will remain open. We are implementing procedures to minimize risk to our
staff and to our customers, such as limiting walk-in traffic and restricting employee travel.
We are happy to meet with you by phone or email. Please call us at the contact numbers below if
you have any questions. 

Lab Sample Drop-off Changes

Changes have been made at each laboratory location to facilitate sample drop off, while also
creating separation between customers and employees.  We can also provide you with sampling
supplies. Please call ahead, and we will have your supplies assembled and ready to pick-up when
you arrive.
Key Lab contacts:
Nancy Jenny, Hastings Laboratory Manager: [email protected]; 402.463.3522
Steve Harrold, Dodge City Laboratory Manager: [email protected]; 620.227.7123
Jeff Britten, Amarillo Laboratory Manager: [email protected]; 806.677.0093

Crop Service/Agronomy

ServiTech agronomists are busy helping growers and Ag retailers make final plans for the
upcoming planting season. With the need for communication being high, our agronomists have
been asked to replace face-to-face meetings with phone, email or text communications to limit
contact with customers.
Key Crop Service contact numbers:
Ben Tipton, Southwest Territory: [email protected]; 620.515.1421
Rick Runyan, Southern Nebraska: [email protected]; 402.760.0887
Seth Lade,  Northern Nebraska: [email protected]; 402.335.7684
Norb Boyle, Iowa: [email protected]; 641.751.4916
Staff remain accessible via phone, email or by appointment.  Below are a list of key contacts,
including phone numbers and email addresses.

Executive Management Team

Greg Ruehle, President & CEO: [email protected]; 1.800.557.7509 ext. 1215
Randy Royle, Chief Laboratory Officer: [email protected]; 1.800.557.7509  ext. 1110
Craig Cunningham, Chief Technology Officer: [email protected]; 1.800.557.7509 ext. 1199
Ryan Hassebrook, Director of Business Development: [email protected]; 402.641.0483
Jeff McDaniel, Chief Financial Officer: [email protected] 1.800.557.7509, ext. 1201
Continue to check for the latest updates as we work together to fight the spread of COVID-19.