KEARNEY, Neb. – Josh Gordon of Garden City earned the New Employee of the Year award at Servi-Tech’s annual Professional Development Conference in Kearney in January.

Gordon started working for Servi-Tech full-time in October 2017, and also completed an internship at Servi-Tech prior to that.

“Josh has taken every task handed to him and given all his effort in achieving success,” said Ben Tipton, Servi-Tech’s southwest Kansas manager.

Gordon scouts corn, wheat, soybeans, sorghum, and cotton in southwest Kansas. He has also scouted corn and soybeans in Texas for Servi-Tech.

He said he was surprised to receive the award, and he was humbled that his colleagues nominated him for the award.

“I was surprised because I spend a lot of time working with my peers,” Gordon said. “And you don’t really realize the impact that you might be making while you’re working with them.”

Gordon said he has a few mentors, including Bryan Boroughs, a Servi-Tech agronomist based out of Cimarron; his former agronomy professor and crop judging coach at Oklahoma Panhandle State University, Curtis Bensch; and his late grandfather Carroll Josh who lived in Yuma, Colorado.

“My grandfather spent a lot of time with me on the farm growing up. His love for agriculture made me love agriculture,” Gordon said.

He said there’s several things he enjoys about his job.

“It is amazing to watch the plants grow from week to week. I hope that never gets old,” Gordon said. “Also, getting to the field around dawn with the brisk morning air makes a good start to the day.”

Tipton added: “Thank you Josh for your hard work and dedication to our territory and our company.”

To receive the New Employee of the Year award, an agronomist must:

•Have started employment with Servi-Tech in the last 18 months;

• Made an extraordinary contribution to the welfare and development of Servi-Tech;

• Exhibit innovation and integrity;

• Demonstrates teamwork qualities, which benefit the company; and

• Set an outstanding example for other employees to follow.

About Servi-Tech

Servi-Tech, the country’s largest agronomic firm, was organized in 1975 by three farmer-owned cooperatives to provide technical service for agricultural producers in southwest Kansas. Today, Servi-Tech provides consulting to approximately 2,000 farmers across seven states and almost 1 million acres. Servi-Tech Laboratories has agricultural customers in all 50 states and more than six countries.