Do you know how thirsty your plants are?


A new product from Servi-Tech can tell you that and more about your fields.

ProfilerPlus is a soil moisture probe that can provide you real-time access to your field data, including information on when to irrigate your fields. It is a platform to get intelligence off of a field and into a grower’s hands.

“Using a hand probe throughout the season is still a valid way to get a snapshot of your soil moisture in the field,” said Austin Bontrager, Agronomic Support Specialist for Servi-Tech. “But ProfilerPlus is able to constantly keep an eye on your soil moisture, day and night. It can give you up to the hour information and even send you an alert if it’s time to turn on the pivot.”

Some key benefits of ProfilerPlus include:

  • Multiple soil moisture locations in each field
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Three-year lease with no equipment to own
  • Expandable with with other sensors including our wireless Rain Station

“In this market and with this weather pattern, a grower needs every advantage they can get their hands on,” said Craig Cunningham, Chief Technology Officer. “Without ProfilerPlus, you’re flying with one eye blind.”

While other companies have moisture probes on the market, they can be difficult to install and hard to glean data from.

ProfilerPlus solves these problems.

“We have improved the technology, added new functions and set a new price-point for the industry,” Cunningham said. “Our innovative web platform brings a new level of insight by allowing you to customize what you need to see for your operation and your field.”

Bontrager added: “It’s a whole new way of getting that soil moisture reading out of the field and to the grower.”

When investing in ProfilerPlus, a grower can quickly and easily check on their fields using a computer or smartphone. A grower can view rain and irrigation events; soil temperature; the soil moisture profile in percent field capacity, inches depleted, and plant available water; and much more.

Having a soil moisture monitoring system in your field means you know exactly how much water your crop is using. The system can catch and alert a grower to pivot malfunctions and can tell a grower when to quit irrigating for the season.

For more information about ProfilerPlus, call Servi-Tech at 620.801.4158 or click here to send a message.