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New agreement builds on long-standing relationship between ServiTech and Dairyland regarding NIR calibrations

Dodge City, Kansas – July 28, 2020 - ServiTech, Inc. and Dairyland Labs today announced a strengthened laboratory partnership for serving the beef and dairy industry.  Building on a relationship that has been primarily focused on beef production within the ServiTech footprint, both laboratories are committing to an expanded level of service and feed science for the growing number of dairy herds in the high plains and southwestern United States. Benefits to the customer include seamless sample drop off, submission and reporting from both labs.

ServiTech and Dairyland Collaborate on Feed Testing Technology

“ServiTech has three strategically located laboratory locations in geographies with growing dairy herds,” said Greg Ruehle, President and CEO of ServiTech. “Dairyland Labs’ rich history and commitment to science commands respect in the dairy feed testing space, and we are very excited about this new partnership moving forward. It’s a win for both labs, and ultimately a win for producers within the ServiTech service area.”

The agreement allows laboratory users the flexibility to ship to or drop off feedstuff samples at any ServiTech laboratory location, while still being able to access the experts at Dairyland. ServiTech will process samples and run NIR spectral scans. The NIR spectral scans will be predicted using the Dairyland proprietary calibrations, which are the most robust in the industry. The customer may choose to view test results online through an account with either laboratory.

“The new strengthened laboratory partnership builds on the analytical strengths of both companies,” said Dave Taysom, President of Dairyland Laboratories, Inc. “This unique relationship between ServiTech and Dairyland will provide real value in analytical services for the beef and dairy industry. We are excited to get started.”

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