The Future of Agriculture

The 360 Agronomy Service brings together the precision elements already available in ServiTech Bridge™, including soil moisture sensors, crop modeling, weather modeling and aerial imagery. However, the 360 Agronomy Service also provides the missing element from other ag technology platform solutions. ServiTech brings hundreds of years of in-field agronomy expertise deployed to the field precisely when needed.

Growers who subscribe to the 360 Agronomy Service will receive eight in-field visits from a
certified ServiTech agronomist. Several of the visits are pre-planned to hit key growth stages including emergence, post emergence weed recommendations, tassel, post tassel and stalk evaluation. Other checks will be deployed as-needed, based on the field intelligence received from sensors and imagery. 

  • 8 in-field checks
  • Soil moisture sensors
  • Crop modeling
  • Weather modeling
  • Field imagery
  • Weekly reports