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Radio ST
Radio Servi-Tech - January 18, 2019
Radio Servi-Tech 1.17.19

Greg Ruehle, Servi-Tech's President & CEO, discusses soil fertility and soil testing in this week's episode of Radio Servi-Tech. 

Radio ST
Radio Servi-Tech - October 26, 2018
Radio Servi-Tech 10.26.18

  Robin Cox, Key Feed Accounts Specialist, discusses nitrate levels in forages in this week's episode of Radio Servi-Tech.

Radio ST
Radio Servi-Tech - September 28, 2018
Radio Servi-Tech 9.28.18

On this week's episode of Radio Servi-Tech, Senior Lab Agronomist Fred Vocasek discusses how the weather affects nitrate levels in soil.

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Building Bridges
News 4.16.18

  Servi-Tech recently hosted guests from Ukraine on a week-long visit to western Kansas. Fred Vocasek of Servi-Tech was the tour guide and driver…

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