You Should Be Tracking Your Farm Data

It’s a term we’re sure you’ve heard time and time again – data management.

Far from just being a buzzword, if you haven’t started managing the data on your farm you’re missing out on some key information that could mean the difference between a bin buster and going bust.

“The data a grower creates during field operations contains valuable records which can be used in future decision making,” said Servi-Tech Director of Technology Development Ryan Meister.

Data Management Correlation Matrix

Every pass you make through the field, your equipment is collecting trends in yield, fertility levels, and profit.

But how do you actually make this information actionable out on your farm?

“Data can be analyzed to help make better-informed decisions on hybrid selection, seeding rates, fertility programs, and irrigation management,” Meister said.

The time spent collecting high-quality data only becomes more advantageous the longer you maintain your data management program. By tracking data changes over multiple seasons, you can better pinpoint problem spots, thus crafting more efficient crop budgets.

Variable Rate Planting Rates

Your first step in creating an efficient data management system begins by setting up your display and equipment properly.

For information on how Servi-Tech’s Agronomy Precision Solutions (APS) group can help you head into spring ready to collect data, call 1-800-557-7509 or contact your local APS group representative, listed below.

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