March 14, 2016

Servi-Tech Stockholders Elects New Board Members

The Servi-Tech 2016 Board of Directors. From left to right: Ted Glock, Producer Representing Central Valley Ag; Joe Horton, United Plains Ag; Jerald Kemmerer, Pride Ag Resources; Tim Burkey, Representing Farmers Cooperative; Clifford Alexander, Representing Cropland Coop Inc.; Phil Ramsel, Cooperative Producers, Inc.; Jeff Jensby, Farmway. (Not Picture - Rob Heyen, Farmers Cooperative. Dennis Rickertsen, Representing All Points Coop.)

DODGE CITY, Kan. – The key to a successful cooperative is regular and active engagement with shareholders. And as a cooperative owned by cooperatives, Servi-Tech, Inc. has rededicated itself over the past year to increased engagement with its owners.

One of the most active roles owner cooperatives can take with Servi-Tech is serving on its board of directors.

Servi-Tech stockholders elected one new board member and re-elected another at the company’s 41st annual stockholders meeting, held at the Dodge City Country Club in Dodge City, Kan. on March 2. The board also appointed a new associate director.

Phil Ramsel, Vice President of Agronomy at Cooperative Producers, Inc. in Hastings, Neb., was elected to his first three-year term as a director. Jeff Jensby, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer with Farmway Coop in Beloit, Kan., was appointed to a vacant associate director position.

Board chairman Clifford Alexander, representing Cropland Coop, Inc. in Ulysses, Kan., was re-elected to a three-year term. Alexander has served on Servi-Tech’s board since 1992.

“I am excited to welcome Phil and Jeff to the board of directors,” said Servi-Tech President and CEO Greg Ruehle. “Both men are excellent in their respective cooperatives, and I know they will bring that same enthusiasm and forward-thinking philosophy to Servi-Tech.”

Ramsel said he was eager to begin his tenure on the board.

“There is a lot of potential between Servi-Tech and ag retailers that we can capitalize on,” he said. “The way I look at it, as a retailer we can utilize Servi-Tech’s expertise to save us in-house costs and be assured that the information we’re receiving is accurate and actionable.”

Ramsel takes the place of Bruce Rodabaugh, a grower from Marquette, Neb. who represented Aurora Cooperative on the Servi-Tech board from 2001 to 2016.

Jensby replaces former associate director Harlan Schafer from CPI, who retired earlier this year. Jensby will finish the final year of Schafer’s term. Schafer served on the Servi-Tech board from 2014 to 2016.

Ruehle expressed his gratitude to the two directors for the leadership they had offered Servi-Tech over their years of service.

“Bruce is a long-time Servi-Tech customer and board member. There are few individuals who have been stronger supporters of this company than him,” he said. “Harlan brought a unique, beneficial perspective by representing an owner coop on the board. On behalf of the leadership and staff at Servi-Tech, I offer my thanks and best wishes to Bruce and Harlan.”

Rodabaugh expressed his gratitude for having the opportunity to help grow Servi-Tech.

“I am very honored to have served on the Servi-Tech Board of Directors," he said. "Over the years, Servi-Tech has given me the opportunity to be very successful. This has been my opportunity to pay it back."

Servi-Tech’s board of seven directors and two associate directors are elected from the company’s 63 owner cooperatives.