Steve Soden Named Eastern Nebraska Territory Manager

AURORA, Neb. – Servi-Tech is thrilled to announce the hiring of Steve Soden as our new Eastern Nebraska Crop Service Territory Manager.

Soden brings his years of experience working as the Nebraska sales lead for Dow AgroSciences’ seed division. Soden spent his early career as an area cooperative agronomy manager before working with Keltgen Seed Company, which became a part of Dow AgroSciences.

As Eastern Nebraska Territory Manager, Soden is responsible for all agronomic services and Servi-Tech agronomists in the eastern half of the state.

Soden said that after meeting with Servi-Tech President and CEO Greg Ruehle last spring he became intrigued by Servi-Tech’s continued focus on marrying tried-and-true agronomic knowledge with cutting-edge technology.

“When I spoke with Greg I was impressed by the work that Servi-Tech was doing in agribusiness,” he said. “Servi-Tech has an incredibly bright future, especially with the growth of Servi-Tech Expanded Premium Services’ technology offerings and Servi-Tech’s continued focus on retail growth.”

President and CEO Greg Ruehle expressed his excitement to have Soden on board.

“Servi-Tech will benefit from the experience and expertise Steve brings to this position,” Ruehle said. “I anticipate further growth in grower and retailer business in the Eastern Nebraska territory under Steve’s leadership.”

Soden took over as Territory Manager on January 4.