Servi-Tech in Ukraine - Part Two

Servi-Tech Laboratories' senior lab agronomist Fred Vocasek is in Ukraine this December as part of a growing relationship between Ukraine, Servi-Tech, and American agriculture as a whole. You can follow Fred's adventures at or by following us on our Facebook and Twitter feeds with the hashtag #ServiTechinUkraine.

Part of the equipment yard at TACU  (Technological Agrarian Company United) farm. There's something over 40 new 16-row Kinze no-till planters. I suppose they need 40 planters because they plant about 250,000 acres of corn and soybeans.

Bridges hosted an educational meeting for current and prospective clients. Attendees were managers, owners, and agronomists from various farms across Ukraine. Speakers included me (on soil testing); a Ukrainian representative encouraging them to support the development of a Board of Trade; Vlad Konovalchuk (owner of Bridges with PhD in Applied Agricultural Economics from Penn State) discussing world grain trade, the export situation, and Ukraine’s role in same; and Clark McGraff (Iowa State Extension Specialist) discussing crop management and weed resistance in corn and soybeans.The meeting was held in a room used to auction development properties within Kyiv (Kiev) city. The current mayor of Kyiv is Vitaly Klitchko, a heavy-weight boxer whose knockout record is second only to Rocky Marciano. He holds a PhD and is nicknamed “Dr. Ironfist." His brother, Vladimir Klitchko, is a currently a world famous boxer.

If you think Fred Vocasek is hard to spell and pronounce, try it in the Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet. This was my name tag for the meeting. It reads “Fred Vocasek, Bridges”.

The noon-time meal was pizza with Ukrainian sausage. Very good!