Servi-Tech in Ukraine - Part Three

Servi-Tech Laboratories' senior lab agronomist Fred Vocasek is in Ukraine this December as part of a growing relationship between Ukraine, Servi-Tech, and American agriculture as a whole. You can follow Fred's adventures at or by following us on our Facebook and Twitter feeds with the hashtag #ServiTechinUkraine.

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Ukraine!  About an inch of wet snow with temperatures right at 0°C (freezing).  Truckloads of sugarbeets being dumped into piles to prevent the whole load from freezing and reducing the final sugar content.

While driving through a small town, I noticed there was a tractor ahead.  Not an unusual sight in rural America.

The tractor was an older style and appeared to be about the size of an IH Farmall “M” series.  However, when we came alongside it was not what I expected.  The driver sat in a cab over the rear axle, but where US tractors have an engine, there was a trailer box instead.  This one held a load of sugarbeet pulp.  The hydraulics elevate the box from back to front, so the driver pulls up to the destination and dumps the load in front of the tractor rather than the rear.  Wow!  Don’t have to worry about backing a trailer. These vehicles are nicknamed the “beggar tractor” for some reason.