Servi-Tech in Ukraine - Part Four

Servi-Tech Laboratories' senior lab agronomist Fred Vocasek is in Ukraine this December as part of a growing relationship between Ukraine, Servi-Tech, and American agriculture as a whole. You can follow Fred's adventures at or by following us on our Facebook and Twitter feeds with the hashtag #ServiTechinUkraine.

This is the employee lunch room at Ukraine Agro Technology farm which employs about 70 people.  This is a pretty good remodel job considering the building was used as a dairy cow barn during Soviet Union times.

Friday, I was at the Bridges business office and had meetings set for managers and agronomists from two different farms. The Bridges office is located at 21 Pushkinska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine. The Google Earth or Google Maps coordinates are 50.443832N 30.517969E. If you drop the little yellow guy on Pushkinska Street, just to the left of the coordinate point, you should be looking north up the street. The office is located in a courtyard behind the buildings on the right.  The entrance is pictured.

Not all is work. Celebrating the day after Olga’s birthday with homemade wine, cheese, bread and pickled mushrooms. (Left to Right) Mikola, neighbor to Nickolai and wood carver; Olga, Nickolai’s wife; Nickolai Omelchenko, interpreter; Dimitri, neighbor. Dimitri is the ground crew for an aerial applicator. Not with a plane, but with an ultralight. He flies about 10 to 12 feet above the canopy. As I understand, applying only one or two liters per hectare of total spray volume (equivalent to less than a pint to a quart per acre).

Noon day sun. Yes, it is 12:00 pm on the way to Sumy, in northeast Ukraine. At this point I am slightly north of the 49th Parallel, which is also the U.S.-Canadian border. A short growing season is one of their big challenges. Daylength like Manitoba, soils like Iowa, and rainfall like Kansas/Nebraska. Quite a combination.