Servi-Tech Hires Territory 11 Manager

Ben Tipton believes that standing behind a service is important. As the new Territory 11 Manager at Servi-Tech, he said it’s also important to him to work for a company that strives to be the best in the industry.

Ben, who lives in Mulvane, began his new position in late April.

“Servi-Tech has always been one of those companies that stood out in the ag industry,” he said.

He said he was immediately interested in the job at Servi-Tech for a few reasons. He’s had colleagues who have worked for Servi-Tech over the years, and that Servi-Tech is known for being a leader in the ag industry.

What Servi-Tech offers to its customers, including crop consulting and new technology through STEPS, also made him interested in the job.

“I’m looking forward to helping people find a need for a service that they at one time did not know they needed,” Tipton said.

Steve Soden, chief crop services officer, said he is excited about Ben starting.

“I’m excited to see the energy and professionalism that he will add to the territory, and the experience that will benefit the territory and Servi-Tech,” Soden said.

Ben comes to Servi-Tech from Wickman Chemical, a retail crop protection supplier, located in Oxford, Kansas. As the lead sales representative, he built customer relations, was responsible for solving current cropping needs and trained novice staff members in chemical recommendations.

He and his wife, Kara, have one son, Colten.

About Servi-Tech

Servi-Tech, the country’s largest agronomic firm, was organized in 1975 by three farmer-owned cooperatives to provide technical service for agricultural producers in southwest Kansas. Today, Servi-Tech provides consulting to approximately 2,000 farmers across seven states and almost 1 million acres. Servi-Tech Laboratories has agricultural customers in all 50 states and over six countries.