Servi-Tech Announces Limited-Check Service

By Mark Vierthaler

Director of Communications

Technology changing business is nothing new. This is doubly true for an industry as impacted by tech as agriculture. This means that the way we help our producers keep tabs on their fields has also changed. Traditional full-season contracts meant agronomists were offering weekly checks throughout the entire season.

Now, Servi-Tech is launching a new limited-check system that can keep you and your producers in the know, with a special eye to technology tie-ins.

“The program is focused on checks at key times during the growing season,” said Servi-Tech President and CEO Greg Ruehle. “The limited service also allows for easy incorporation of our other precision ag offerings like aerial imagery.”

The new program comes in two options. The first is a five-check program that has an agronomist visiting the field at five key points throughout the season, starting in mid-May. The second is a 12-check program, where an agronomist will visit the field weekly from mid-May until late June. Bi-weekly visits start in July and run until September.

These programs can also be tied in with TheProfiler – Servi-Tech Expanded Premium Services’ soil moisture monitoring system, as well as Servi-Tech’s other offerings including aerial imaging, data management, and grid sampling, etc.

“By combining these regular checks with technology, you’re better able to evaluate the efficacy of each individual program,” Ruehle said. “Our cooperatives can receive the agronomists’ recommendations and then take care of producer needs for fertilizer, chemistry, fungicides, etc.”

These services are a combined effort between Servi-Tech Crop Service, our sales department, and STEPS, with a special eye for our cooperative customers. For more information on how to get involved with the limited check program, contact your area sales staff to begin a dialogue.