Precision Agriculture

As precision agriculture becomes a crucial part to today’s production, Servi-Tech utilizes this technique to help farmers grow their operation, while cutting costs and time.

Agronomists help farmers and their operations by utilizing or taking advantage of the technology they do have. Examples of this include calibrating planters and monitors for both dry and wet fertilizer, focusing on seed population and depth throughout the fields, as well as geo-reference soil sampling.

Servi-Tech also utilizes satellite imagery to detect stressed areas in fields. This technology aids farmers and agronomists in pinpointing zones that need further testing. With this service, farmers are provided a picture of their ground. The shot contains an infrared image of their field highlighting the areas in need of attention.

Grid Sampling

When starting a precision program for your farm, grid sampling should be your first priority. Grid sampling is the first step in identifying variability in the field and building a foundation to address it. Grid sampling allows agronomists and growers to analyze nutrient variability based on some predetermined resolution, usually at 2.5 or 5 acre grids within a field.

Data Management

• Maximize your equipment to its full potential. With every pass through the field, your monitor is collecting data that can be used to save you time, save you money, improve your records, use inputs more efficiently and aid in future decision making. 

• Servi-Tech will process data in an unbiased manner and return it in an electronically organized format.

• The complete program is a 12 month service that, over time, will simplify and enhance the technology already in use on your farm. 

Aerial Imagery

Field Aerial Imagery

Servi-Tech currently offers manned aircarft aerial imagery services. Each flight delivers a native (true color), thermal, and ADVI (stress) image. Manned aircraft can cover a large number of acres in a short period of time. Aerial imagery offers another viewpoint that can help your agronomist identify issues in your field. For more information on booking regular aerial imagery flights, contact Austin Bontrager at

For more information about Servi-Tech's aerial imaging options, visit our Servi-Tech 2016 Aerial Imaging Options page.

Variable Rate Seeding

Variable rate seeding is a way to maximize the efficiency out in your field by planting your seeds at ideal depths for plant development. Manage Seeding Expenses. Variable rate seeding can improve productivity across variable areas of a field. Variable rate seeding also adds convenience for the producer in planting, allowing for seeding irrigated and dryland simultaneously.