What Does Making the Planet More Productive Mean?

Servi-Tech - the nation's largest crop consulting firm and agricultural laboratory - has been Making the Planet More Productive since 1975.

But what does “Making the Planet More Productive” mean?

Since 1975, Servi-Tech, Inc. has relied on the most current technologies, research and science to make productive and profitable recommendations for thousands of growers on millions of acres. Three Servi-Tech laboratory facilities compliment industry agronomic services to measure fertility, tailor field inputs and increase yields.

As the global population increases, the need for more efficient food production systems also grows. Servi-Tech actively pursues new technologies to ensure that our recommendations and services are making farming operations more productive, more efficient and more sustainable.

The Servi-Tech Story

Our History

Servi-Tech was formed in 1975 by three farmer-owned cooperatives that saw a need to provide technical services for agricultural producers in southwest Kansas. The group expanded into northeast Colorado in 1981, into Nebraska in 1983, and into Iowa in 2000.

The company began with 100,000 acres under contract in 1976. Today, with just under one million acres under contract, Servi-Tech provides crop consulting and laboratory service to the High Plains area that produces 12.5 million acres of wheat, 29.3 million acres of corn, 18 million acres of soybeans, and a mix of milo, alfalfa, sugar beets, dry beans, barley, oats, potatoes, millet, sunflowers, grass, and vegetable crops.

Servi-Tech also operates three laboratories. The laboratory in Dodge City, Kansas began operation in 1977. Steady growth in volume resulted in the construction of a second laboratory in Hastings, Nebraska in 1988. With the continued growth of sample size, construction began on the Amarillo laboratory in 2004. The third lab opened in 2005. Current combined annual sample volume for the three laboratories is approximately 208,000 soil samples, 109,000 feed and forage samples, 17,000 water and wastewater samples, and 18,750 plant tissue samples in 2013.

In October of 2009, Servi-Tech founded Servi-Tech Expanded Premium Services. Known as STEPS, LLC, the group focuses on special projects such as remote moisture sensing and irrigation water management through the use of The Profiler.

Servi-Tech not only focuses on crop consulting, but also puts an emphasis on educating the public about agriculture utilizing various medias. MP2.ag's (Making the Planet More Productive) mission began by telling “Agriculture’s Story.”  The page has several partners that share information to educate the public on practices such as farming, ranching, etc. in a positive, informative light.

Working towards its purpose, “Making the Planet More Productive,” the organization continually progresses by investing towards the future. Utilizing initiatives within the technology field such as precision ag farming, along with operating drones continue to make Servi-Tech a leading player throughout the future.