40th Anniversary


Servi-Tech celebrates 40 years of Making the Planet More Productive.


Recognizing the need for exploration of technology, Servi-Tech creates Servi-Tech Expanded Premium Services, LLC.


Our third laboratory locations opens in Amarillo, Texas.


After continued success in Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska, Servi-Tech's crop service division expands into Iowa, opening up brand new business opportunities.


Servi-Tech opens its second laboratory in Hastings, Nebraska.


Servi-Tech's popularity continues to grow. A dedicated group of employees moves into Nebraska and helps share Servi-Tech's crop consulting services.


Servi-Tech's continued success in southwest Kansas saw the company pushing northward into the northeast corner of Colorado. At the same time, more and more producers began to use notill and low-till methods to curb erosion and save moisture. This practice continues today.


After noticing an increasing need for laboratory results quicker than the universities were able to provide, Servi-Tech expanded and created Servi-Tech Laboratories.

That same year, the 4-H Council created a television show called Mulligan Stew, dedicated to teaching children about proper nutrition. 


Servi-Tech, Inc. founded on June 10, 1975 after three farmer-owned cooperatives decided Kansas producers needed access to cutting-edge technical information. The first services ever offered were crop consulting services.

Back then, it took 3-3/4 labor-hours required to produce 100 bushels (3 acres) of wheat with tractor, 30-foot sweep disk, 27-foot drill, 22-foot self-propelled combine, and trucks; 3-1/3 labor-hours required to produce 100 bushels (1 1/8 acres) of corn with tractor, 5-bottom plow, 20-foot tandem disk, planter, 20-foot herbicide applicator, 12-foot self-propelled combine, and trucks.