2016 Begins the Era of Disruption

By Greg Ruehle, President & CEO   &         Jeff Kugler, CEO
Servi-Tech, Inc.                                              Servi-Tech Expanded Premium Services

Articles describing data management and storage proliferated in ag media in 2015. The ability to collect more data demands better systems to compile, store and evaluate troves of new information.

So while the past year focused on organization and order, 2016 may well usher in the opposite – disruption! Agricultural technology will see several massive changes in the near future, with far-reaching impacts across the country.

These are our predictions for 2016 and after in ag technology:

1. Data Disruption

More disruptive business models will drive down the cost of hardware and data services for ag. The end user will benefit by these changes, while data hardware and software offerings adapt to a service-oriented business model.

2. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is loosely defined as the network of physical objects embedded within electronics, software, and sensors, as well as the necessary connectivity to collect and exchange data. The IoT premise suggests that a higher level of interconnectivity among these data sources will continue in 2016 and forward.

3. Remote Sensing

Robotics (not the Star Wars variety) in ag take on many different and unique forms. Examples such as remote monitoring, UAV/satellite imagery, and machine data collection will become less labor intensive, less expensive, and proliferate in use among growers. The challenge lies with converting data to actionable decisions that benefit growers (rather than simply more pretty pictures in a file folder).

4. Crowdfunding

More ag companies will consider crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarter) as a business model for financing, especially to raise start-up or development capital. Smaller investments from a wider audience also help to build interest and word of mouth support for a product or service.

5. Rate of Change

The ability to capture, analyze and make decisions from larger pools of data will accelerate exponentially. Companies that can convert this information to “actionable recommendations” will gain prominence in 2016 and forward.

Successful businesses in the ag marketplace will disrupt traditional offerings by taking advantage of larger data pools collected at lower costs, and providing services based on actionable recommendations that make a positive impact to the grower’s bottom line.

Servi-Tech and STEPS look forward to playing a significant role in the changing landscape of ag technology – combining relevant agronomic knowledge with sound scientific results, and complimenting precision ag offerings with localized weather and field conditions.

Our plan is to be disruptive in 2016.

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